Our Skrill Startup this week: Tapnow

Our Skrill Startup for this week is London’s Tapnow, a new and exciting way of harnessing the power of NFC to connect customers to products with the quickest customer journey possible.


Tapnow is the first affiliate programme for outdoor advertising sites like posters and billboards. Tapnow uses NFC technology to connect outdoor media campaigns to rich and immersive digital content. With a simple ‘tap’ of your smartphone on a billboard or poster you can view a product or service, and make a purchase. 

CEO Corbyn Munnik describes in his own words how and why he feels Tapnow will appeal to just about everyone:

“Every time someone completes a transaction through a TapNow enabled poster we collect a commission for that sale - just like an affiliate network!  Technology has changed the way consumers interact with advertising, and the outdoor sector has been left behind. We’re trying to more effectively monetize billboards and posters while collecting data that can be used to compare outdoor advertising sites by sales rather than just eyeballs.” 

To keep up to date with Tapnow’s launch you can sign up for more information on www.tapnow.co.uk

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Our Skrill Startup for this week: Pawsie.co.uk

In the UK, onesies are on the rise, whether you’re chilling out or going out, there’s always a reason to wrap yourself in a portable blanket. For many, extending material benefits to our four legged friends is only natural, so why wouldn’t you give your dog the same option to be super cosy? This week we’re bringing you our new Skrill Startup: Pawsie

Sarah Neely founded Pawsie, a retailer of onesies for dogs, in early 2013.  Britain is the onesie wearing capital - in 2012 they were profiled on Newsnight, and even Boris Johnson admitted to wearing one. We are also a nation of dog owners, and while you can buy most costumes and outfits imaginable for your dog, Sarah realised that there was nothing as cosy and comfy as a onesie available for dogs! This is where Pawsie was born. Having tested numerous prototypes on her own dog, Sarah chose her initial 10 styles.  Pawsie onesies are cosy and versatile, equally good for snuggling on the sofa as for walks in the park.  They fit all sizes of dog up to a Cocker Spaniel and are brilliant gifts, novelty items or fancy dress outfits. Sarah has brought something brand new to the dog clothing industry, and is looking to build this exciting new brand into an innovative and fun pet supplies company.

You can see more of the great work that Sarah’s been doing (yes, there are lots of pictures of dogs in onesies for you internet-folk!) at her website www.pawsie.co.uk where all of the dog-sized onesies are on offer.

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Meet and Jam - Our Skrill Startup for this week

You’ve got your guitar, you’ve learnt some chords, you’re ready to start a band, but you don’t know anyone to play with - what do you do? 

This is a question which has irritated musicians for ages, but now, thanks to our startup of the week, Meet and Jam, you’ll be jamming in no time! 

Using your location and a simple profile layout, Meet and Jam is the social network for musicians, connecting people around their area. On site you can set up your profile which includes areas to publicise your own music. From there, you can browse for musicians based on either musical taste, instrument and/or location. But what makes this site different from any other site?

Well, with Meet and Jam, not only can you organise your group, but thanks to some great in-site software, you can now book your rehearsal studio directly from the site. With studios from around the country flowing in to sign up to the service, you wont be short on choice when it comes to getting your jam sorted.

But that’s not all - recently, Meet and Jam launched their Band Planner. This new service allows you and your band members to coordinate everything from setlists to rehearsal times all within the site. If this all sounds too good to be true, get ready to pinch yourself because here’s the best bit - everything on the site is entirely free!

Founded by Nick Ford-Young and Peter Fiennes earlier this year, Meet and Jam has been on an exponential rise and looks set to take the musical world by storm. So head over to www.meetandjam.com, create yourself a profile and get in contact with a like-minded musician. Who knows, the next Hendrix could be reading this!

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Auto-Kart.com - Our Skrill Startup for this week

This week, we’re happy to introduce to you the fantastic world of Auto-Kart.com! This past-time has been enjoyed by almost everyone, but what happens when you want to take it a bit more seriously? Where do you even begin to find what you need? Fortunately, Krasimir Tsolov and the guys at Auto-Kart.com have got you covered! 

Leaving behind his previous profession as a software developer where he worked on many things, including Bulgaria’s E-Government and General Motors, Krasimir and his friends decided to set up the country’s first National Amateur Karting Championships. From there, he could see where he wanted to go. In his own words, Krasimir explains the thought behind his company:

“Our “headquarters” was the online forum of the then only Bulgarian magazine for Formula 1 - Club F1. A couple of years ago we moved the championship to it’s own “home” - the new website www.auto-kart.com. Meanwhile, I made the Auto-Kart brand quite distinguished. Except the national championship, I am currently a judge in the National professional Karting Championship and lead a few karting courses. I am also driving actively in the amateur Championship. Approximately about an year ago, I decided to do something more out of it - I invested more time and money. Currently the Auto-Kart website is ranked number 1 in Google for practically all search phrases, related to karting in Bulgarian! A few months ago I decided that it’s time to move the next step and open an online store.”

Krasimir’s business is beginning to boom and he’s looking to streamline his customer journey to ensure quicker delivery times and build his stock up so that he can cover all bases.

So head over to www.auto-kart.com and find out how you can get back into a kart!

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Plakat Kombinat - Our Skrill Startup for this week

For our third Skrill Startup, we were contacted by George Petrushev from Bulgaria who wanted to show us his exciting new startup, Plakat Kombinat.

With progressions over the last few years, opportunities for artists to display their work and get recognised have boomed. But what about when it comes to getting your hands on the originals? Plakat Kombinat was set up by Anna and George to promote the work of an untapped community within this world. They’ve paved the way for artists to sell their prints directly to their customers on their site.

Who are these artist then? Well, George said this about it: “The artists we are presenting are prominent names in the field of graphic design, poster, illustration and graphics.They have experience not only as authors, also as curators of other forums related to design and contemporary art, graphic artists, professors at the National Academy of Arts, independent artists, prominent logo designers, artists in the field of typography, designers in advertising agencies and magazines, illustrators of books for various publishing houses and in other conductors of contemporary urban culture.”

This extensive list provides an amazing database of incredible original work coming from all over, all of which is readily available to you. You can view all of Plakat Kombinat’s collections on their website where you can also learn a bit more about the artists. If you head over to our Facebook page and sign up for our Prepaid MasterCard you can use that to pay for the work!

So head over to www.plakatkombinat.com and get dazzled by the amazing work on offer! And remember, you can submit your startup to Skrill Startups by emailing a bit about yourself to hello@skrillstartups.com 

Get Chickens London - Our Skrill Startup for this week

Today we seem to have an unquenchable thirst for everything organic. We like to know where our food comes from and that it has had a good life. We’re also taking a lot more time to source our ingredients for the best price possible. 

That’s why this week, we’re happy to introduce to you, Get Chickens London. Created by Chris Sheldrick and business partner Tom Emerton, this team are pioneering organic farming on a small scale for the big city. Speaking to Chris about his business, he tells us what made him start Get Chickens London:

“We realised that people generally love the idea of having chickens to get your own locally grown free-range eggs and knowing exactly where the eggs come from, but there is a barrier to getting them as people think they are difficult farm animals or that you need special licenses to keep them, when in actual fact they are one of the easiest pets to keep. We put together Get Chickens London to help people in the city of London to get set up with their own chicken coop and run, provide the chickens and also provide help whenever and wherever we can to make sure that their experience is as easy as possible.” 

From childhood, both members of the team have had chickens so were able to see first hand what a difference sustainable and fresh produce could make. What started as a weekend business is now becoming much larger. Over the last few months, the team have been spending time with primary schools educating children on how they themselves can get involved and on Sunday (18th August) you’ll be able to see the pair on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch where they will be talking about their business and what it is to keep chickens.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing London clucking!

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Stefano - Our first Skrill Startups Winner

After an arduous search for our first Skrill Startup, we were incredibly happy to hear from Stephano. Stephano’s company, Stefano, has found a niche in the culinary world which we’re happy to support him with.

Wherever you go, you’ll never be too far away from great world cuisine. Regional food is no longer restricted to its source and getting into new flavours and styles has never been easier. With the wealth of world food though, some of the best parts of regional cuisine can be overlooked. Italian cuisine has had a huge impact on food all around the world but as Stephano points out, there’s “a lot more to offer than pizza, pasta and tiramisu”. Stephano offers the real deal of Italian cuisine which he personally sources in Italy and brings back to Holland to assemble his creations.

Bored with the constant grind of being an accountant, Stephano wanted a change. In the middle of last year, he registered his company, paying tribute to his Italian heritage by substituting the “ph” in his name for the more authentic spelling and began to promote his idea wherever he could. Specialising in the often overlooked Italian pastry, Stefano strives to bring the often overlooked flavours of Italy to anyone who wants to try something new or just wants that authentic taste of home.

Stephano tells us with great passion that with Italian pastry, there is a lot more on offer than most people think. Besides Tiramisu, Canollis and Pannacotta, he also produces Zucotto, Panforte, Cassata, Torta di Noci and many others as well as one of his personal favourites, the Macaron. He tells us that whilst the French claimed this as part of their cuisine, they actually originated in Italy.

Due to financial situations which are gripping the European economy, Stephano does his work from home but would like to extend his idea into an experience bringing Italian delicacies to his home in Holland. As well as his baking, Stephano has also branched out into personal cuisine where he extends his service to your house, no more dirty dishes and burnt potatoes!

You can find out more about Stephano’s work at his website, http://www.tronco.nl. Have a look an help support this great business idea! 

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